​​​              W.U.M.P.A.                                           WISCONSIN UPPER MICHIGAN PULLING ASSOCIATION

                                                                  4 - WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK CLASSES AND RULES

                                                                                                  REV. 2018

                                                                                       CLUB GENERAL RULES

1. Club Membership dues are $25.00, an additional $25.00 per class for the truck Points. A truck may pull a maximum of two (2) classes. Three trucks are required  to make a class. Points go only to WUMPA members. The $25.00 must be paid for the classes before points will be given to the truck.

2. Points go to the truck, not the driver

3. Points will be awarded according to the place you finished in excluding the trucks that are not running for points.

4. All drivers must register and sign their own registration forms at the scale. If you are late to register your truck , you will be charged $10 and then the late charge will double for each subsequent offense (i.e. $10, $20, $40, $80).

5. All trucks weighed with the driver.

6. Drivers must be of legal age to obtain, and hold a valid driver’s license or meet the minimum age requirements of the track.

7. No entry fee money back after the Pull has started.

8. All pullers must provide their own clevis. Clevis must be 3” inside diameter minimum.

9. Any truck pulling in two (2) different classes must meet the specs of each class.

10. All vehicles are subject to inspection before, during, and after competition. Any driver                                                   may bring a "protest" against another truck (i.e. cubic inch limit) and is liable for all costs                                                    incurred to test that truck if it is found to be legal by WUMPA rules. If the truck is NOT legal,                                              the owner of the vehicle is responsible to pay the initial charge and the cost to retest the                                                    vehicle before they are allowed to participate in another WUMPA pull.

11. Judges have the right to stop and disqualify any vehicle or contestant or ask for a truck  to be reweighed at any time.

12. You must stop your vehicle upon the signal from the flagman.        

13. Working Fire extinguishers are required for all trucks.

14. Tracks that are longer than 325' will be floating finish from 300' to 325' anything over 325' is a Full Pull, And will have a Pull Off.

15. Any unreasonable or unsafe actions will result in disqualification. No unsafe driving at any time during the event, in the pit or on the track. (Ex. head out  of the window while pulling, jerking steering wheel back and forth, unsafe speed leaving track).

16. No exhibition vehicles allowed in classes.

17. No use of drugs or alcohol in the pit area or track before or during competition.  

 18. No speed limit for the truck pull.

19. No passenger allowed in the vehicle during the pull.

20. No one allowed on the track. Officials and judges only.

21. The first contestant in each class has the option of pulling over  in last position. Each contestant will be allowed a second attempt of pulling the eliminator if stopped before 50 feet on the short track, or 75 feet on the long tracks. The eliminator will be pulled back to the starting line. If the truck breaks on the first attempt within 50/75 feet, the contestant is allowed to return as the last truck in that class. NO JERKING OF THE ELIMINATOR IS ALLOWED!

 22. Weight that is added to the truck for competition must be securely fastened. No weights are allowed in the cab. Any weight or any other object falling from the vehicle during the competition will result in disqualification. (Items the driver could have prevented from falling such as a mirror, hitch, etc., not drive shaft or something that breaks that is not the driver's fault).

23. All windows have to be intact.

24. Truck boxes: Removal of box to make weight class is prohibited. Flat racks are allowed in Stock & Open Stock class only and must be street legal and permanently mounted. They must be factory made or well constructed and be able to safely hold weight of 500 pounds. You must have some sort of covering or mud flaps to keep down flying debris from the tires.

25. Machined Cut tires are allowed in Open, Super Stock, and Modified classes.

DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES ARE FINAL! ANY ARGUMENT WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION! All trucks must make rule's no exceptions or warnings, if the truck doesn't qualify it doesn't pull in the class! ALL NEW TRUCKS SHALL BE  TECHED TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR PAYOUT.

Vehicle qualifications to participate will be on the decision of the tech officials and judges. These rules will stand as a guideline for classes but tech officials and judges shall decide the final decisions for safety.            

PLEASE MAKE YOUR VEHICLES AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE !   I will have the pay out's as soon as possible, if you don't pick your winnings up you will get them at the next pull. I will not waste time writing a check and put it in the mail! As I pay cash for all classes but open, S.S. , and Mod.                



                                                                        STOCK CLASSES  5500# & 6000#

 1.  Must be street legal. Vehicle must have Full factory interior. (No gutting out!). Racing type Bucket seats are OK for Driver But must have Passenger seat also or Full bench seat. Vehicle must have unmodified  stock bumper. Must    have windshield, windows, instrument panel, working directionals, wipers, and doors. No other alterations are allowed. Holes in floors must be covered.

2.  5 gal min. Fuel Cells allowed but must be securely fastened to vehicle.

3. No weight is to be added to the front of vehicle. (Weights must be inside the box). Weights should be marked and must be secured.

4. Drivers must remove their own valve covers upon request.

5. Frame-mounted hitch must be in stock location and maximum drawbar  height is 26" as measured from the ground to top of drawbar surface. Must be located a 40" minimum for short boxes and a 48" minimum for full - size from center of rear axle to hook point on clevis, or past stock uncut frame rails, whichever is further. Down pull must be supported at end of uncut frame rails. Hitch must be ridged in all directions During Pull.          

 6. Stock trucks may be trailered to the event.     

 7. Engine must be a standard production truck or automobile engine of the same manufacturer as vehicle, with a bolt-in installation using stock parts. No obviously non-stock horsepower influencing equipment is permitted. Factory parts intended for racing or marine use are NOT permitted.            

 8. Any stock motor may be used in any model truck for 5500#/ 6000# classes.You can only use cast iron parts. (i.e. manifolds, heads, block, etc.).

 9. No headers allowed. Dual exhaust is allowed. You may not run with open exhaust, you must have mufflers.

10. Must have factory carburetor and intake manifold and retain all factory components. No adapter plates. Must have stock factory head and block with factory cast marking. Must have stock rockers. No Roller Cams or Roller rockers unless Factory equipped for that year vehicle.

11. Any stock type single carburetor can be used. No Dominators, Predators etc. Stock fuel injection and/or turbo/super chargers are permitted. No dual feed carburetors or Holly double pumpers.

12. Suspension must be stock with one (1) shock absorber per wheel. Light overload springs may be permitted at the judge's discretion.

13. Stock springs must be retained (limited to 10 leaves) 5/16" or 1/4" thick leaves only, and only factory clamps can be used. There must be movement, within the judges discretion. Suspension lifts are not allowed, body lifts up to 3" are allowed.

14. No blocks, stilts, or traction devices allowed. Bump stops must be in stock location.

15. Universal joint protection and kill switches are recommended for safety reasons but not required.

16. No slipper/slider clutches are allowed. No welded Front differentials are allowed or high rpm stall converters must be factory.

17. Dual wheels are NOT permitted.

18. No wheelbase or frame modifications that would influence the pulling ability are permitted, only factory wheel base length.

19. Tires cannot be marked larger than 33" tall and width shall not exceed 12.5". All tires shall be unmodified street type.



                                                                                   6200# STREET STOCK


1. Vehicle must be street legal (doors, working turn signals, and headlights, windows, and windshield intact) and licensed. License and registration must  be shown upon request. Must have some sort of front bumper. Vehicle must not be stripped.

2. No nitrous oxide, alcohol, or pressurized fuel systems are allowed.

3. No weight is to be added to the front of the vehicle. Weights should be marked and must be secured in the box. No weights in the cab.

4. You must have mufflers. You cannot run with open exhaust.

5. No blocked suspension, big cams, or big carburetors are allowed.

6. Any DOT approved tires are OK.

7. Dual wheels are not permitted.

8. Frame-mounted hitch must be in stock location and maximum drawbar height  is 28" as measured from the ground to top of drawbar surface. Must be located a 40" minimum for short boxes and 48" minimum for full-size from center of rear axle to hook point on clevis, or past stock uncut frame rails, whichever is further.

9. Disqualification from this class for any special modifications to the vehicle is the discretion of the judges.

10. This is not a point's class.

11. Vehicle can be trailered to the event.

12. You may have traction bars but they have to let the suspension still function.


                                                                          6200# OPEN STOCK CLASS


1. Stock Frame Only No Tube Frames

2. Can Mount Rear end Solid

3. Must have operating windows and Seat belts Required .

4. Must use stock front Suspension. Can add traction bars to Front or Rear.

5. Truck must be stock appearing, With Box sides and Box liner or Tonneu cover.  Flat Racks Allowed!

6. No alteration of wheel base allowed. 135” Max.

7. Truck Must have brakes.

8. Steering can be altered. (Hydraulic Steering)

9. No Lift Bodies

10. Multiple Shocks are ok

                                                                                               Drive line

1. Only stock production drivetrain equipment can be used up to Dana 80 Rearends, NO Military axles or Square tube axles, aftermarket axle shafts o k.

2. No quick change transfer cases or Transmissions, ( ProFab, SCS),  But Aftermarket Cast Iron cases are Allowed, Mirroring N.E.W. Rules

3. Engine in Stock location.

4. All universal joints must be protected by a minimum of 1/8" steel of 1/4"  aluminum, full 360-degree enclosure, at least 3" long centered of U-joint.

5. Vehicle must have SFI approved bell housing for standard transmission.

6. Vehicle with Auto transmission must have a safety blanket or SFI Transmission shield, Plus SFI shield around flex plate area.

7. Engine shields required, SFI approved harmonic balancers Need only working forward plate. Stock OEM Balancers need ¼” X 1” Wide Steel wrapped 360 degrees with ¼” X 1” Tabs to keep harmonic balancer from working forward.


1. Factory stock charging system only, No Pony motors. Removal of Alternator ok.

2. Fuel Pump electric or stock type.

3. All engine components and fuel pump must shut off with kill switch.

4. Vehicle must use electric cooling fan Only.

5. Electric water pump or belt driven stock type water pump.

6. Battery operated ignition up too MSD7 is legal.


1. Max 480 CID ( 2 CI leeway)

2. Headers Allowed 2 ¼” max primary tube and 4” max collectors.

3. Exhaust has to be down and back .

4. Any single carb. Dominators allowed.

Open Stock Continued

1. No Aluminum blocks

2. Cast Iron or aluminum intake manifolds allowed. No tunnel rams or Pro rams Intakes.  No handmade or sheet metal intakes.

3. New Head rule. Head valve angle can be +/- 3 degrees from original manufacturer of vehicle. Cast iron only.                                                                                                                                                                      
4. 400m any head.

5. No Hemi heads allowed period.


Weight may be added to front of vehicle but not more than 60” from center of front axle.


1. Max 10” rims bead to bead

2. No duallies allowed.

3. Maximum of 135” wheel base for all 4 wheel drive trucks

4. Maximum tire size allowed is 35” x 12.5”x 10

5. Bead locks ok

6. Machine Sipeing Allowed


1. From the point of hitch to the centerline of rear axle shall be no less than 29%of the wheelbase.

2. There must be a 1”x 1” x ¼” tab welded to center of axle for measuring  hitch distance.

3. If the pickup bed is to long it must be cut to allow the hitch to be clear and  visible for hook up.

4. High point of hitch can’t exceed 26” before, during, or after the pull.

5. Hitch must be ridged in all directions

6. Pivot point no higher then 3" Above the frame rail.


 Vehicle may jump from one class to another in one event , as  long as it meets all specification of both classes.


                                                                           6200# SUPER STOCK CLASS

1. Vehicle may not be stripped beyond safe operating conditions (hood, fenders, doors).                                                     Factory box must have floor or cover.

2. A working safety kill switch is required to be within one foot of hitch and must have a neutral safety light. Kill switch to turn off fuel pump when pulled Recommended, main disconnect or battery kill switch located outside of the truck. 

3. Any gasoline, diesel, or LP gas may be used. No nitrous oxide allowed. Alcohol is permitted.

4. Maximum drawbar height is 26" as measured from ground to top of drawbar surface. Minimum drawbar length is 27% of the wheelbase. The attachment point may be 3/4" hole for a clevis or a 3" ID horizontal ring for a hook. Hitch length is to be no more than 6" from rear bumper.

5. Weight must not exceed 60" from center of front axle to outer edge of weight. No weights are allowed in the cab. Weights can be anywhere on the frame, but they MUST be mounted.

6. Engine must be Cast Iron Block. One engine only. Maximum of 530 CID.  Pony Motors allowed.

7. 360 degrees Harmonic balancer guards are required for OEM Balancer. SFI Approved Balancers only need Forward Guarding.

8.High port plates are allowed on Ford engines.

9. Headers are permitted. Can be Straight up thru hood or exiting down  and back. Extensions to side or through bed are permitted.

10. Any engine and drive line modifications permitted, except:

A. Only one (1) carburetor in normal position is permitted.

B. No tunnel rams, cross rams, TPI, turbo chargers, or superchargers.                                                                                      Engines must be naturally aspirated.

11. Blank hood scoops may be added for appearance only.

12. All universal joints must be protected by minimum of 1/8' or 1/4" aluminum, full 360-degree enclosure, at least 3" long, centered on each U-joint, with 2 loops  per drive shaft a least 1" wide.

13. Suspension modifications are permitted.


                                                                               6200# MODIFIED CLASS

1. Any engine and drive line modifications are permitted, except:

A. Engine must be naturally aspirated.

B. One engine only - maximum of 650 CID

2. Fenders, hoods, and grills may have engine related penetrations.

3. Harmonic balancer guards are required.

4. Any gasoline, diesel fuel, or LP gas may be used. No nitrous oxide.

5. Must have a working kill switch within one (1) foot of the hitch and a neutral safety light in the rear. When hooking up, the truck should be in neutral. Kill switch must shut off fuel pump when pulled. Recommended, main disconnect or battery kill switch located on the outside of the truck.

6. Weight must not exceed 60" from center axle to outer edge of weight. Weights should be marked. Weights can be anywhere on the frame but MUST be mounted. No weights are allowed in the cab of the truck.

7. Maximum drawbar height is 26" as measured from the ground to top of drawbar surface. Minimum drawbar length is 27% of the wheelbase. The attachment point may be a 3/4" hole for a clevis or a 3" ID horizontal ring for a hook. Hitch length is to be no more than 6" from rear bumper.

8. Proof of weight difference with super stock tires and modified tires is required if a change from super stock to modified is made.

9. Any automatic transmission must have scatter blanket or SFI Shields. Manual transmission MUST have a complete steel bell housing, or if homemade, a minimum of 3/16" steel all around the housing for safety purposes.

10. All universal joints must be protected by a minimum of 1/8" steel or 1/4" aluminum, full 360- degree enclosure, at least 3" long, centered on each U-joint with 2 loops per drive shaft at least 1" wide.

11. Tires of any width and tread pattern may be used. Tire size shall be no larger than 34" Cepek or 38" DOT tires. Tires can be cut. Wheels cannot be any wider than 18". Front and rear tires have to run 1/2 track. Bead locks are "OK".

12. Maximum wheelbase is 133".

13. Frame and suspension modifications are permitted.



 Points will be awarded according to placement starting with 20 and decreasing to 0. (i.e. 1st place= 20 points, 2nd place=19 points, 20th place= 1 point, 21st place and down= 0 points)

If your vehicle should be unable to compete in your second points class due to a "breakage" in your first class, you will receive the points available for last place in the second class (according to the number of entries) providing the vehicle is determined by 3 members of WUMPA Board of Directors to be "movable under its own power" before the finish of that second class. It is your responsibility to contact a Board member, if you do not, you will only receive your registration points. "